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Convenience of Onsite Office Furniture Repair

Jobel general hardware onsite office furniture repair

At Jobel General Hardware, we understand how important it is to keep your Nairobi business running smoothly.  A broken chair or wobbly desk can disrupt your workflow and cost valuable time.  That's why we offer a service designed to minimize downtime: Convenience of Onsite Office Furniture Repair.

The Hassle of Traditional Repairs

Traditionally, fixing broken office furniture meant disassembling the piece, hauling it to a repair shop, waiting for the repairs to be completed, and then transporting it back to your office. This process can be inconvenient and time-consuming, especially for bulky items like desks or filing cabinets.

The Jobel Onsite Advantage

Our onsite repair service eliminates this hassle. Our experienced technicians come directly to your office, equipped with the tools and expertise to fix most furniture issues on the spot.  Here's how it benefits you:

  • Reduced Downtime:  There's no need to disassemble furniture or wait for repairs off-site. Your employees can get back to work quickly.

  • Improved Efficiency: Our technicians work efficiently to diagnose and fix problems, minimizing disruption to your workday.

  • Convenience:  You don't need to worry about transporting furniture or dealing with the logistics of off-site repairs.  We handle everything!

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Onsite repairs can sometimes be more cost-effective than traditional methods, especially when you factor in transportation costs and lost employee productivity.

Typical Repairs We Handle Onsite

Our technicians are skilled in a wide variety of furniture repairs, including:

  • Chair repairs:  We can fix broken casters, replace worn-out cushions, and address frame wobbles.

  • Desk repairs:  We can tighten loose screws, repair damaged surfaces, and ensure drawers slide smoothly.

  • Filing cabinet repairs:  We can fix sticking drawers, replace broken handles, and address alignment issues.

Keeping Your Office Running Smoothly

By choosing Jobel General Hardware's onsite furniture repair service, you can keep your office furniture in top condition without interrupting your workflow. Our convenient and efficient service ensures your business stays productive and keeps your employees comfortable.

Contact Jobel Today!

Don't let a broken chair or wobbly desk slow you down.  Contact Jobel General Hardware today to schedule your onsite furniture repair appointment. We'll get your office furniture back in working order quickly and efficiently.




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