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10 Best Swivel Office Chair in Kenya for 2023

Updated: Apr 22

 Swivel Recliner Chair

If there’s one type of computer chair that’s almost always required for office use, it’s probably swivel chairs. This is no great mystery because a swivel office chair differentiates office personnel or executives from clientele and visitors.

In fact, in nearly all offices and business settings, employees and executives use swivel desk chairs whilst visitors are provided with comfortable but generic chairs.

But what makes swivelling chairs so special?

In the workplace, office staff need to access file cabinets, drawers, table-tops and other office storage several times in a day. So, for the sake of efficiency and speed, swivel office chairs with wheels help you save time by enabling you to swivel around as you reach for nearby cabinets, drawers and the like. This eliminates the need for you to leave your chair every single time.

Additionally, swivel chairs are designed for everyday office use. This means they are sturdy enough to support you whilst seated for several hours.

What Is a Swivel Office Chair?

The verb ‘swivel’ means to ‘turn around an axis or a point’, so a swivel chair is a turning or revolving chair. A swivel office chair not only turns or revolves, but its seat can also be adjusted to different heights and angles. It also comes with a set of casters for mobility.

How to Choose the Best Office Swivel Chair

There are many types of office chairs, and swivel chairs are among the best there are. However, choosing the best office swivel chair is another matter. Not just any turning or revolving chair will do.

So, to ensure you get the best swivel chair available, be on the lookout for the following features:

  1. Height adjustability: Since people have different heights, your swivel office chair should have a height-adjustability control or a pneumatic adjustment lever that allows you to bring the seat higher or lower.

  2. Adjustable backrest: For optimum comfort, you should be able to position the backrest of your swivel desk chair or move it forward and backward to suit your task. It should have a locking mechanism so it doesn’t tilt backward accidentally. Some of the best office swivel chairs for sale also have height-adjustable backrests.

  3. Adequate lumbar support: Choose a swivelling chair with a contoured backrest that will provide the comfort and support your back needs. Ensure the lower back is slightly arched to prevent you from slumping after being seated for several hours.

  4. Proper seat depth and width: Your swivel office chair with wheels should have just the right depth and width for you to sit properly and comfortably. There should be around 2-4 inches of space between the edge of the seat and the back of your knees. The seat should be wide enough to allow you to rest your arms on the armrest without unnecessary straining.

  5. Armrests: Swivel chairs with armrests help to remove strain from the neck and shoulders commonly experienced from prolonged sitting.

  6. Breathable material and proper padding: Choose fabric and other breathable materials to keep you cool. Avoid getting a swivelling chair with a seat that’s too soft or rigid. Get one that’s pliable, with a pleasant bounce.

If you’re ready to shop for the best office swivel chair, check out the following list.

1. Swivel Recliner Chair: KAB Controller

One of the best swivel recliner chairs in Jobel General hardware is the ergonomic KAB Controller, which is made with luxurious upholstered leather. It has a 5-star black aluminium base, body-contoured cushions, height and tilt-adjustable headrest, 16-degree backrest angle adjustment, tie-up armrests and a built-in air lumbar system.

2. Swivel Executive Chair: Regal High Back Executive Office Chair

Living up to its name, the Regal High Back Executive chair is a luxurious leather swivel executive chair designed for modern offices, boardrooms and your workspace at home. It offers optimum comfort even with prolonged sitting with its adjustable seat height and Synchro Tilt 4 locking positions.

3. Leather Swivel Chair: Sterling High Back Executive Chair

The Sterling High Back Executive Chair is a leather swivel chair with three chair adjustments: seat height, seat tilt and locking seat angle. It also has a locking swivel and tilt mechanism to suit your seating requirements.

leather office chair

4. High Back Swivel Office Chair: Sapphire High Back Executive Heavy Duty

High Back Office Chair
High Back Swivel Office Chair

Jobel’s premium high back swivel office chair comes in the form of the heavy-duty Sapphire High Back Executive office chair. Featuring a 100-millimetre gas lift, it can accommodate users weighing as much as 150 kilograms. Ideal for all-day use, it also has adjustable arms and chair adjustments for the seat height, seat angle, back height and back angle.

5. Tall Swivel Office Chair: Nova Saddle Stool With Back Rest


The Nova Saddle Stool With Backrest is an ergonomically designed saddle stool featuring independent seat angle, back angle and seat and back height adjustments. This tall swivel office chair features a 200-millimetre gas lift and is suitable for use in home workspace and office settings.

6. Small Swivel Office Chair: Humanscale Freedom Task Chair

The heavy-duty Humanscale Freedom Executive Task Chair comes with a recline mechanism and seat height and seat tilt adjustments. Upholstered in black fabric, this tough, small swivel office chair also has adjustable arms, a seat slider and an unbeatable 15-year warranty!

7. Swivel Office Chair With No Arms: Gryphon MK1

Office Chair With No Arms
Office Chair With No Arms

The Gryphon MK 1 is one of the best heavy-duty Arteil swivel office chairs with no arms as those are optional. It has four chair adjustments: seat height, seat angle, back height and back angle. It has a moulded black outer back and a 135-millimetre gas lift.

We offer delivery of the Gryphon MK 1 to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, ACT, Darwin, Hobart, and Perth.

8. Swivel Office Chair With Wheels: Synchro Mesh Executive

The Synchro Mesh Executive is a swivel office chair with wheels designed for frequent, prolonged use. It has a comfortable mesh backrest, 5 chair adjustments (seat height, seat angle, back height, back angle and the Synchro mechanism), and an optional adjustable headrest and height-adjustable arms.

Mesh office chair
Office Chair

9. Swivel Office Desk Chair With Arms: Alpine Mesh Chair

Office chair

If you’re looking for a swivel armchair, then the Alpine Mesh Office Chair should be one of your top choices. It includes a durable mesh backrest, adjustable arms, four chair adjustments (seat height, seat angle, back angle, sliding seat) and a Synchro Tilt mechanism, plus a 100-millimetre gas lift.

10. Swivel Office Chair With a Ratchet Back: Zenith MK 1”{}”]

The Zenith MK1 swivel office chair with a ratchet back provides the best lower back support and helps to reduce hip and leg strain. Its four chair adjustments – seat height, seat angle, back height and back angle – make it supremely comfortable, whilst its relatively small seat size makes it a great option for smaller offices or work-from-home use. Optional features include adjustable armrests and air lumbar lower back support.

What Swivel Chairs Should You Avoid?

Swivel office chairs are a great seating alternative for both corporate and home offices. However, you need to ensure you purchase only the best office swivel chairs for sale to make the most of the benefits they offer.

Otherwise, you could end up with swivel chairs that:

  1. Roll or turn on their own

  2. Are unstable

  3. Don’t have any adjustment features

  4. Are too soft or too hard

  5. Lack proper lumbar and lower back support

When you go seat shopping, aside from considering the key features of the best office swivel chairs, make sure you prioritise your comfort.

Not sure where you can find high-quality swivel chairs?

Please get in touch with us at Jobel General Hardware so we can discuss your requirements and help you find the right swivel office chair for you.

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