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Upgrade Your Ride: Replacing Worn-Out Office Chair Casters

office chair wheels

Is your once-smooth office chair now leaving annoying squeaks and scratches in its wake? Worn-out casters are likely the culprit! Don't fret, replacing them is a quick and easy fix that can breathe new life into your chair. Here at Jobel, we've got everything you need to get rolling again.

Identifying the Problem:

The first step is confirming your casters are indeed the issue. Listen for telltale squeaking or grinding noises when rolling. Look for signs of wear on the wheel surface or difficulty rolling freely.

Knowing Your Casters:

Before heading to Jobel, take a peek at your chair's casters. There are two main types:

  • Threaded Stem: These screw into the chair base.

  • Grip Ring Stem: These pop into the socket with a pressure fit.

You'll also need to measure the stem diameter (usually around 7/16 inches) to ensure you get compatible replacements.

Tools You'll Need:

  • Replacement casters (available at Jobel in various materials and styles!)

  • Flathead screwdriver (optional, for prying grip ring casters)

Let's Get Rolling: Replacing the Casters

  1. Flip it Over:  Safely turn your chair upside down.

  2. Removal:

  • Threaded Stem: Use pliers to unscrew the caster.

  • Grip Ring Stem: Pull firmly on the caster. If it's stubborn, carefully pry it out with the screwdriver, wedging it between the caster and the chair base.

  1. Installation:

  • Threaded Stem: Screw the new caster into the socket by hand until snug.

  • Grip Ring Stem: Push the new caster firmly into the socket until it's flush with the chair base. If it's a tight fit, a little lubricant or a gentle tap with a rubber mallet can help.

  1. Repeat: Replace all the casters following the same steps.

Jobel Makes it Easy!

At Jobel, we have a wide selection of replacement casters to fit your needs. Whether you want heavy-duty options for carpet or smooth-gliding casters for hard floors, we've got you covered. Visit your local Jobel or browse our website to find the perfect fit and get your chair rolling smoothly once again!

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