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Stackable Chairs for Every Space: The Benefits of Going Small and Stacking High

Blue chairs and stools stacked outside a cafe.

When it comes to furnishing workspaces, classrooms, cafés or any other area, you need seating that is both stylish and functional. That’s why stackable chairs are the perfect choice for today’s modern offices, schools, venues and many other settings – a combination of affordability, durability and versatility that can barely be matched by any other type of furniture.

Whether you’re trying to find a space-saving solution in an office space or school and education chairs to spruce up a classroom, these multipurpose stackable chairs offer more than meets the eye. Read on to learn just how beneficial stackable chairs can be for all of your needs!

Stackable chairs: The ultimate seating solution for any occasion

White folding chairs set up on a beach for an event.

Stackable chairs, also known as stacking chairs, offer a great way to conserve space in any home or business. This type of furniture is affordable, durable and exceptionally versatile, making it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

Not only are stackable chairs perfect for homes, but they can also be found in schools, universities, cafes and restaurants, and more. When chairs are not in use they can easily be stacked up and stored away with minimal effort.

So if you’re in need of stylish yet efficient seating solutions – stackable chairs may just be the right investment for your home or office!

Stack and relax: Advantages of stackable chairs

Close up of stacked chairs in multiple colours.

Stacking chairs make an ideal choice for cost-effective seating in a range of settings, both indoors and outdoors. They offer advantages that other more traditional seating options simply can’t match.


Firstly, stacking chairs are an affordable option when it comes to furnishing conference rooms, classrooms and lecture halls; from schools and universities to cafés, stacking chairs typically come at a fraction of the cost of other seating solutions.


Secondly, stacking chairs are incredibly durable; crafted with steel or aluminium frames meant for long-term use and stacked on top of one another for storage, stacking chairs will go the distance in any environment.

Their stacking capabilities not only make it easy to store large quantities in a small space but these chairs are designed to withstand the test of time no matter how often they are moved or rearranged.


Lastly, stacking chairs also offer versatile functionality; available in different chair designs suitable for numerous settings. Stacking chairs provide a diverse range of colours and styles ranging from practical plastic stackables to elegant folding chairs for weddings.

Stacking chairs are easy to move, store and manage due to their stacking capabilities, making them ideal chairs for any occasion whether indoors or outdoors.

From cafes to conferences: Versatile uses for stackable chairs

Black, stackable chairs made for outdoor use, wet from the rain.

Stacking chairs offer a tremendous amount of versatility when it comes to finding furniture for events and various settings.


Stackable chairs offer a unique chair option that can be used in both indoor and outdoor seating areas. The design is such that chairs can often be stacked up to six high, making them great for venues where the setup needs to be done quickly and space is at a premium.

Chairs made with specially designed UV-stabilised materials for outdoor furniture can be used in any weather. This also means that stackable chairs have the strength and durability to stand up to frequent use both indoors and out. Whether indoors or outdoors, stackable chairs offer a stylish and affordable seating solution with enhanced comfort.

Cafés and restaurants

Lotus Cafe Chairs
The Lotus Cafe Chair from Arteil is sure to add a pop of colour and modern style to any café or restaurant. Featuring a modern design and easily stackable, these chairs provide comfort that’s built to last.

Stackable chairs are popular choices in cafes and restaurants, as they are easy to store and can accommodate ever-changing numbers of customers. Even when space is limited, chairs can be easily stored away – making them a logical choice for venues, ensuring your restaurant layout looks its best.

Not only do stackable chairs save space and make it easier to clean up after a busy night at the bar or cafe, but they also withstand significant wear without losing their appeal. More affordable than traditional seating, you can mix different styles, textures, chair fabrics and colours with ease to create a unique atmosphere that’s just right for any eatery layout.

Schools and universities

Mint green school chairs stacked on each other, with pink background.

Stackable chairs are the perfect selection for your school and education seating. Built light, stacking chairs are easy to handle when rearranging daily classroom activities, yet strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of busy learning environments.

The stackable design makes them convenient to stack together and store when not in use. This helps schools conserve storage space while also permitting teachers and staff to quickly define classroom settings.

The lightweight design helps make them easy to transport around classrooms or other areas, making them a flexible school furniture solution.

Not only are stackable chairs lightweight and easy to store away, requiring little space to store, but they are also incredibly strong and have been designed with longevity in mind.

Stackable chairs come in many different styles and material choices so that you can find the perfect stackable chairs for your school or university’s aesthetic.

Events and weddings

Elegant white chairs with padded seats, set up for a wedding.

Whether you’re planning a high-end event or wedding, stackable chairs are the perfect choice to provide your guests with comfortable and stylish seating. With stacking chairs, you don’t have to worry about renting out expensive furniture that can quickly become out of style.

Stackable chairs feature sleek classic designs and many include padded seat options for added comfort. Their stackability also makes them ideal when needing to make room fast – allowing events and weddings to smoothly transition between main activities. These stackable chairs are an affordable solution for any occasion, providing more fun for less!

The art of stacking: How to choose the right stackable chairs for your needs

Gold coloured chairs set up for function and stacked high.

When selecting the right stackable chair for your needs, there are a few factors to consider.

  1. Materials: Buy stacking chairs that are made of quality materials and are designed for different types of uses. For example steel and plastic for durability over time or wood if you’re looking to add some style and charm.

  2. Design: Select quality chairs with ergonomic designs that provide comfortable seating for extended periods of time. Consider chair options such as comfortable backrests, chair arms and seat type.

  3. Colours: Look for colours and styles that match your interior design or opt for bright, statement hues for an eclectic feel.

  4. Quality: Depend on quality workmanship when making your purchase decisions. Buy from local manufacturers and suppliers so that you can ensure superior craftsmanship in the products that you buy.

  5. Stacking height: This will be important if you want to stack multiple chairs and store them away correctly; it’s important that stacking is safe, secure and not too imposing on the space requirements you have available.

  6. Weight: Also think about the weight of each chair; heavier models can usually cater for more load but may be difficult to transport around if you opt for multipurpose stacking seats.

Maximise space and comfort with stackable chairs

Ready to add stackable chairs to your home or business? With their wealth of advantages, Arteil stackable chairs offer a practical, affordable and versatile seating solution for almost any occasion. The possibilities are endless, from schools and universities taking advantage of space-saving options to individuals seeking extra seating for parties and receptions.

So if you’re looking to get creative with your seating solutions, check out Arteil’s range of stackable chairs. With modern designs and unbeatable durability, you’ll find the perfect chairs for your space without sacrificing function or style.

Visit our Perth showroom or contact our friendly team about Arteil’s stackable chairs today.

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