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How to Reupholster an Office Chair

Updated: Apr 30

How to Reupholster an Office Chair
office chair

These tips can help you rescue that old office chair with the crummy fabric and keep it out of the landfill.

But first of all you need

Create an Upholstery Plan

Examine your chair carefully from every angle. Make a rough sketch of the back, seat and arms, drawing every seam and marking which fabric edges attach to the chair frame.

Next, measure each section that’s sewn together at the widest and longest part. Write the measurements on your sketch. This is important: Add a 1/2-inch seam allowance on the edges you’ll sew together, and three or four inches on the edges you’ll staple to the chair.

This detailed sketch will help you determine how much fabric you need and how to position the pieces on the fabric before cutting.

Disassemble the Chair

With your smartphone, take pictures of your chair from every angle. Then, as you disassemble your chair, take photos to document the process. This will help you remember how components fit together when you reassemble the chair.

also take photos of each screw and bolt removed next to the piece it belonged to, to keep the hardware straight.

Expect some surprises

As the chair comes apart, you’ll uncover parts you couldn’t initially see or overlooked. Take photos of these as well.

On my chair, I was surprised to find decorative piping hid staples that held the back cover. I also found cords holding parts of the fabric taut against the back.

Use old pieces as patterns

Once you’ve removed the old fabric, take every piece apart, cutting the threads with a seam ripper or scissors. You can use the old pieces as patterns to cut fabric for your new cover.

Label each old piece with a permanent marker or fabric pen. You’ll presumably throw the old fabric away, so using a marker is no problem.

Select Fabric for Your Chair

Types of upholstery fabric can be divided into two extremely broad categories: fibrous cloth (like polyester or cotton) and leather (faux or real). Those categories can be broken down further, into different types of natural or synthetic cloth, and vinyl or polyurethane faux leather.

Note: Fibrous cloth and leather-like material require different needles for sewing. Be sure you have the correct needle.

Upholstery fabric is usually more expensive than fabric for clothes or quilting, because it’s generally heavier and doesn’t wear out as fast.

Faux leather and cloth upholstery fabric cost about the same, usually starting around ksh800 to ksh2000 per metre . Real leather isn’t as widely available and much more expensive, starting at ksh2000 or ksh4000 per metre.

Shop around to find the best prices. You don’t have to buy fabric and thread from the same store to get the most bang for your buck.

And don’t forget to check your local fabric stores. One fabric store near me, Gikomba, had less selection but comparable prices They also had some fabrics I didn’t see elsewhere.

Or else you can give us the job of How to Reupholster an Office Chair with our expertise experience in the field we are dedicated to give you the best experiences

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