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How to Improve Your Posture at Work: The Health Benefits of Using an Adjustable Stool

Health benefits of an adjustable stool.

We all know that sitting down for long periods of time isn’t good for our health. Many office workers spend the majority of their day seated in front of a computer. While this may be comfortable, it’s not always good for your health. One solution is to use an adjustable stool at work. Adjustable stools let you move around more, which helps keep your muscles active and your body healthy.

Read on to learn about the benefits of using an ergonomic stool at work.

Why choose an adjustable stool?

Four adjustable stools with wooden seats.

Ergonomic stools are the perfect alternative to conventional seating in various workplaces, schools and other establishments because they offer following benefits:

  1. Improve posture: Ergonomic seating allows you to adjust the height of the seat to align with your desk and ensure your comfort by providing optimum lumbar support.

  2. Reduce back pain: The backrest in ergonomic seating, such as adjustable tools, is designed to promote proper spinal alignment and support the natural curvature of the backbone. This then helps to prevent the aches and lower back pain usually associated with sitting for long periods.

  3. Promote better circulation: Most ergonomic stools feature built-in leg rests or a saddle seat designed to help improve circulation and prevent fatigue. They do so by helping the lower back maintain a neutral position or the optimum ‘S’ spinal position.

  4. Increase productivity: When you’re comfortable, happy and healthy, you’re less likely to be distracted or experience aches and pains that may require sick leaves or absences. So, with the help of ergonomic stools with an adjustable heights, you can become more productive at work.

  5. Enhance concentration: You can focus on your tasks when you’re not continuously bothered by the need to take breaks and stretch to prevent the aches and pains associated with prolonged sitting. Using an ergonomic stool can minimise such distractions as you’ll be getting optimal lumbar support.

  6. More comfort: With good lumbar support and the customisable chair height offered by ergonomic stools, you’re guaranteed optimum comfort all day.

  7. Relieve stress and tension: By offering the right support and increased comfort, ergonomic seating can significantly lessen the stress exerted on your body.

  8. Cost-effective: Compared to office chairs, ergonomic stools are more affordable, so it also makes business sense to adopt them in your workplace or establishment.

Aside from providing the above benefits, ergonomic stools are also conducive to active seating.

Unlike an office chair that can feel limiting or confining, an ergonomic stool with an adjustable height allows you to easily slide in and out of your seat. And if you’re using a sit-and-stand stool with castors, you can move around your work area freely as well.

Types of ergonomic stools

Computer lab stools in an office setting.

For people who spend a lot of time standing or walking on the job, an ergonomic stool allows you to sit, perch, and move in a variety of comfortable ways that help prevent fatigue and back pain. They are ideal for tasks that involve repetitive movements that may cause injury or long periods of standing, such as retail work, lab technicians or operational tasks.

There’s a range of ergonomic stools available to suit a variety of needs and work applications.

Dental stools

Dentist seated on a stool in dental office.

Since dental work can be strenuous and time-consuming, getting the right support is essential. This is where adjustable and comfortable dental stools come in.

Arteil dental stools like the Series 90 Dental Operator and Series 90 Dental Assistant Stool feature specific chair adjustments, gas lift and lumbar support to ensure your comfort and ease of movement.

Tradie stools

Designed with the everyday tasks of different tradespersons in mind, this type of stool is appropriate for use in industrial, warehouse and laboratory environments.

Quality tradie stools feature a height and angle-adjustable seat and backrest, as well as a gas lift. They are usually made with durable materials like polyurethane, which is easy to clean and maintain.

Office stools

Round top stool in medical exam room.

A great option for ergonomic workplaces is office stools with a swivel seat. A swivel chair or stool allows freedom of movement and encourages active sitting, whilst also being comfortable. The best office stools usually have adjustable heights, supportive cushions and large weight capacities.

Saddle stools

These stools have a saddle-like design as their name suggests. Saddle stools are ergonomic and are known to help improve posture. The saddle feature rotates your pelvis in a way that optimally supports the natural curvature of the spine and facilitates ease of movement.

Arteil’s range of saddle stools is versatile and suitable for use in schools, healthcare facilities, industrial settings, offices and at home.

Eclipse Saddle Stool with Split Seat

Eclipse saddle stool with split seat.

The Eclipse Saddle Stool is a high-quality stool designed specifically with dynamic sitting and long-term seating in mind.

Featuring a split seat that relieves pressure while still providing comfortable support, as well as a special free tilting mechanism that allows for easy adjustment and maximum flexibility, this ergonomic stool is an essential addition to any workspace.

Nova Saddle Stoll with Back Rest

Nova Saddle Seat Stool with backrest.

The Nova Saddle stool with Back Rest is the ultimate ergonomic stool, designed with function and comfort in mind. Upholstered in sleek black vinyl, this stool features a variety of adjustable components, including independent seat, back, and height settings.

Its unique saddle design provides hours of comfortable support for the body while allowing users to move and shift easily to different positions throughout the day.

Custom stool options

Woman sitting in a stool, with make-up artist and photographer.

Adjustable height stools can be easily customised to fit users of all different sizes, making them an excellent choice for any workplace. Ergonomic stools can be fitted to suit your body size, shape and even your weight.

So if you find yourself struggling with backaches and soreness from all that standing and walking, consider investing in an ergonomic stool – your body will thank you for it!

High-quality Arteil ergonomic stools

Arteil’s range of ergonomic office stools is custom-made to ensure optimum comfort for each user. Compared to other products on the market, Arteil ergonomic stools are among the best in terms of comfort, aesthetics and durability.

Arteil offers a range of office chairs and adjustable stool options, such as upholstery, fabrics, colours and mechanisms, thereby ensuring your total comfort and optimum support for your back. This means that each stool is made from the finest, high-quality materials, ensuring you the strength, style and durability you want from your ergonomic stool.

Whether you work in the office or need a custom stool for use at home or a specialised workspace, Arteil has the stool or chair for you. Get in touch today or visit us at our showroom.

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