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Get an Office Chair Repair at a Local Shop

office chair repair near me

Does your once-comfy office chair now groan in protest with every swivel? Is the hydraulic lift leaving you feeling short-changed? Before you toss it out and invest in a whole new chair, consider a repair!  Here at Jobel General Hardware, we're strong believers in giving things a second life.  Luckily, many office chair woes can be fixed by a skilled technician, saving you money and keeping a trusty companion in your workspace.

Why Repair Your Office Chair?

Repairing your office chair isn't just good for your wallet; it's also good for the environment.  By extending the lifespan of your chair, you're keeping perfectly usable furniture out of landfills.  Many repairs are quick and affordable, and can address common issues like:

  • Squeaky wheels: A simple lubrication can silence those annoying squeaks.

  • Broken hydraulic lift: Restore the chair's adjustability with a new Gaslift mechanism.

  • Torn or worn upholstery: Breathe new life into your chair with fresh fabric or leather.

  • Loose arms or backrest: Tighten things up for a wobble-free work session.

Finding an Office Chair Repair Shop Near You

A quick web search for "office chair repair shop near me" should do the trick.  Look for shops with good online reviews and a variety of services offered. Here at Jobel General Hardware, we can often point you in the right direction if we don't offer repairs ourselves.

Tips for Choosing a Repair Shop

  • Ask about experience:  Look for a shop with technicians experienced in fixing office furniture.

  • Get a quote:  Before you leave the chair, inquire about the estimated repair cost.

  • Consider the warranty:  See if the repair comes with a warranty on parts and labor.

Give Your Office Chair a New Lease on Life

With a little TLC from a local repair shop, your trusty office chair can be back in top form, providing comfort and support for years to come.  So save some money, reduce waste, and keep your comfortable companion by your side – get your office chair repaired today!



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