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Gaming Chair vs Office Chair: Which is Best for Your Home Office?

Updated: Apr 22

Office chair or gaming chair for your home office setup?

The gaming chair vs office chair debate continues to rage on as people strive to find the perfect furniture for their home office. Many features come with both gaming and office chairs, but there are certain characteristics of each that make them stand out when compared to one another.

Gaming chairs and standard office chairs both have their own unique benefits that are perfect for furnishing a home office. Ergonomic office chairs provide support for a comfortable posture for extended periods of sitting, while gaming chairs have been designed for comfort and style.

Whether you’re leaning toward an ergonomic office chair or a gaming chair for your home office setup comes down to preference. In this article, we will provide a comparison of ergonomic office chairs vs gaming chairs, including the characteristics of each, features, and pros/cons for individual needs.

So before you make a decision, keep reading to uncover the unique benefits and downsides of both so you can make the best choice for your home office.

Trying to decide which seating option would be best for your needs?

Woman working at home on laptop.

While gaming chairs have surged in popularity for office use, ergonomic office chairs still represent a viable option, offering a bevy of features and benefits that make them ideal for anyone looking to increase comfort in their workspace.

Maybe you need a good office chair that will make you more alert and productive during those long work hours? Or maybe you want a comfortable chair that will let you recline to play games in complete comfort without giving up any performance?

While gaming chairs are designed with comfort as well as performance in mind for extended gaming sessions, ergonomic office chairs are more suited for workplaces. Designed with ergonomics in mind, with adjustable features to promote a healthy posture when sitting for long periods of time. Ergonomic office chairs can also help you to improve focus, and productivity in a home office setting.

Features of ergonomic chairs

Man working at home with an ergonomic chair and desk.

Most office chairs are specially designed with ergonomic features that are meant to promote good posture and long-term comfort. They come in a variety of styles and can be adjusted to suit your body shape, weight, and size.

Some common ergonomic features of chairs include:

  1. Adjustable mechanisms: Ergonomic chairs allow you to customise the chair to fit your body size, with options for back height, back angle, seat angle, height, and seat tilt chair mechanisms.

  2. Adjustable lumbar support: Many ergonomic chairs help to provide extra support for your lower back. Lumbar support can be easily adjusted to fit your body shape and size.

Ergonomic office chairs offer adjustable lumbar support.
  1. Adjustable armrests: Chair arms help to support your arms and wrists, reducing strain on your shoulders and neck.

  2. Headrest: Headrests provide extra neck and head support, which can help reduce strain on your neck and shoulders.

  3. Reclining backrest: Chairs with reclining backrests provide additional back support and relaxation.

  4. Swivel base: Swivel chairs provide additional flexibility and movement.

  5. Seat options: Sliding seat and size options, as well as padded seats provide extra comfort and cushioning.

  6. Casters: Casters and glides allow you to wheel the chair around easily, or glides to protect floors.

Comparing a gaming chair vs office chair

Over the shoulder view of woman gaming with headphones and gaming chair.

Both gaming chairs and ergonomic office chairs provide comfort and support for long hours of sitting. Both are typically high back chairs and feature adjustable seat heights, reclining backs, armrests, and lumbar support. They are also designed to help reduce fatigue and strain on your body.

The main differences between gaming chairs and ergonomic office chairs are in their design and durability. Gaming chairs are often flashier and aesthetically pleasing, with bold colours and unique features such as speakers and cup holders. Ergonomic office chairs tend to be more practical and subdued in their design, with features such as adjustable footrests and headrests.

Benefits of ergonomic office chairs vs gaming chairs

Stylish home office, with man sitting in ergonomic office chair.

Ergonomic office chairs

Ergonomic chairs are designed to provide maximum comfort and support to the user while they are seated. A good ergonomic chair is designed to fit the user’s body and provide support in all the right places to prevent muscle strain and fatigue while sitting.

  1. Ergonomic chairs are adjustable, allowing you to customise your chair to fit your body. This helps reduce pressure on the spine and other areas of your body often affected by poor posture.

  2. Ergonomic chairs also help you improve posture by providing lumbar support, which keeps the spine aligned and in a comfortable position. This helps to reduce lower back pain and neck strain, as well as the risk of developing long-term back issues.

Man working at desk with back pain.
  1. The adjustable armrests also help to keep the arms in a comfortable position, and the height adjustment feature allows you to find the optimal height for your desk.

  2. Ergonomic chairs also provide additional support for the feet, allowing you to keep their feet flat on the floor, which helps to reduce fatigue and pain in the legs and feet.

  3. You can also adjust the tilt of the chair, allowing you to find the perfect angle for your body, which helps to improve circulation and reduce strain on the lower back.

  4. Although there are many styles, materials and colours to choose from, regular office chairs often feature breathable mesh material on the seat and backrest, allowing air to circulate, and keeping you cool over long hours at work.

  5. Many also come with wheels so that you can easily move around your workspace without having to get up and down constantly.

Gaming chairs

Cyber PC set up with stylish gaming chair in the foreground.

Gaming chairs have several advantages over computer chairs if you spend a lot of time playing video games. One of the key differences is the aesthetic appeal, as gaming chairs feature unique branding and bright colours. Most gaming chairs are also ergonomically engineered to ensure optimal comfort and reduce gaming injuries during long sessions.

  1. Most gaming chairs often include features such as spine and lumbar support, thick cushioning, height adjustment, seat width adjustment, armrest and headrest adjustment, tilt, and tilt tension.

  2. Furthermore, the variety of racing style gaming chair designs available can accommodate any aesthetic inclination.

  3. These chairs typically feature high-density foam padding and adjustable armrests, so you can find the most comfortable chair position possible and alleviate back strain.

  4. Gaming chairs combine elements of ergonomics with features designed for gamers, such as built-in speakers, vibration feedback systems, and cooling fans so that you stay comfortable during those marathon gaming sessions.

Best ergonomic office chairs available in Australia

The type of chair that’s best for you will depend on how much time you spend sitting at your desk and what activities you plan on using it for. If you frequently game on your PC or console then investing in a gaming chair might be worth considering as it offers additional comfort and convenience features specifically tailored towards gamers.

These features do come with a cost, so it’s important to consider if a gaming chair is worth the extra investment. If you’re a casual gamer and don’t need all of the features that come with a gaming chair, then an office chair is the better option.

Here are three of the best ergonomic office chairs from Arteil:

Synchro Mesh chair

High-performance ergonomic office chair Synchro Mesh Executive

With the Synchro Mesh Executive you’ll be comfortable all day long. The synchro tilt mechanism with 4 locking positions ensures that you can recline in comfort all day long. And if that’s not enough, the optional adjustable headrest and height adjustable arms give you even more ways to customise your experience. Plus, it’s been tested to hold up to 136kg, so it’s perfect for any office or home environment.

Whether you’re based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, the ACT, Darwin, Hobart or Perth, we can deliver your Synchro Mesh Executive straight to your door.

Mamba Mesh chair

Mamba Mesh chair has a mesh back to keep you cool while working or gaming.

The Mamba Mesh office chair is the perfect way to upgrade your home or office workspace. This beautifully designed contemporary mesh chair comes with a host of features, including adjustable arms, a synchro tilt mechanism and an adjustable headrest.

It also has a seat slider for extra comfort and durability. Plus, with 4 chair adjustments, it’s perfect for any user – whether you’re at home or in the office.

Vix Mesh chair

Vix Mesh Chair - Available in White and Black Frame

The Vix Mesh Office Chair is perfect for anyone who wants a stylish and comfortable chair that is also durable and built to last. Our chair features adjustable arms, a mesh backrest, and a sliding seat, so you can find the perfect position for your body.

It also has a synchro tilt with 4 locking positions, so you can stay comfortable all day long.

Enjoy the comfort and support of a chair that was designed specifically for you

After reading this blog, you should feel more confident in selecting the ideal chair for your needs. With Arteil, you can create the perfect office chair customised specifically to fit your body. Whether it’s for ergonomic purposes or just added comfort, all aspects of design are customisable — from size and height adjustments to various functionalities.

To create a comfortable seating solution that suits your unique needs, contact the team at Arteil today. Visit us at our showroom or explore our selection and choose the ideal ergonomic office chair for your workspace.

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