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Curtain Rods vs. Curtain Tracks: Dressing Your Windows in Style at Jobel General Hardware

At Jobel General Hardware, we know windows are the eyes of your home. They let in light, fresh air, and beautiful views. But what truly frames a window and completes a room's look? The answer: curtains! And to hang those curtains perfectly, you need the right hardware – Curtain Rods vs. Curtain Tracks .

But what's the difference between Curtain Rods vs. Curtain Tracks, and which one is right for you? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

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Curtain Rods: The Classic Choice

Curtain rods are the traditional option, offering a simple and elegant way to hang your curtains. They come in a variety of materials like metal, wood, and even plastic, allowing you to match your existing décor. Rods are typically fixed at either end with brackets, and curtains slide on using rings or hooks.


  • Easy to install: Most rods come with straightforward mounting instructions, making them DIY-friendly.

  • Wide variety of styles and finishes:  From sleek and modern to ornate and traditional, there's a rod to suit any taste.

  • Affordable:  Generally less expensive than curtain tracks.


  • Limited weight capacity:  Rods may not be suitable for very heavy curtains.

  • Curtain movement:  Curtains on rods may not glide as smoothly as those on tracks, especially with thicker fabrics.

curtain tracks price in kenya

Curtain Tracks: The Modern Option

Curtain tracks are a more modern solution, offering a sleek and discreet look. They consist of a single or double channel that mounts directly to the wall or ceiling. Curtains with hooks or gliders slide effortlessly within the track, creating a smooth and silent operation.


  • Smooth operation:  Tracks ensure effortless opening and closing of curtains, even for heavy fabrics.

  • Versatility:  Tracks can be bent to fit bay windows or curved walls.

  • Multiple curtain options:  Tracks can accommodate multiple layers of curtains, like sheers and blackout drapes.


  • More complex installation:  Tracks may require drilling into walls or ceilings, so professional help might be needed.

  • Limited style options:  Tracks generally have a more modern look compared to the wider variety of styles offered by rods.

  • Cost:  Tracks are typically more expensive than curtain rods.

The Jobel Verdict: It All Depends

Ultimately, the choice between curtain rods and tracks depends on your priorities and preferences. Here's a quick guide:

  • Choose rods if: You prefer a classic look, value affordability, and have lightweight to medium-weight curtains.

  • Choose tracks if: You prioritize smooth curtain operation, have heavy curtains, or desire a modern and minimalist aesthetic.

No matter your choice, Jobel General Hardware has everything you need to dress your windows in style! Visit our store or browse our website to explore our wide selection of high-quality curtain rods, tracks, and curtain accessories.

Bonus Tip:  For a truly luxurious touch, consider layering sheer curtains on a separate track behind your main curtains. This adds depth and dimension to your window treatments!

Curtain Rods vs. Curtain Tracks

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