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How to Fix A Broken Office Chair

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Finally decided it’s time to fix that annoying issue with your office computer chair?

We don’t blame you.

Many office and home office workers spend hours on end sitting in their chair every day. This can make even the slightest of discomforts frustrating and very irritating. That annoying squeak each time you lean forward, broken wheels that make movement from your desk a challenge, or even the consistent lowering of your seat each time you sit down.

Sometimes you just have to say, “I’ve had enough!” and get your office chair fixed.

Luckily, many of the most common office chair issues can be fixed with a bit of elbow grease, your home tool kit and some office chair spare parts. To diagnose and fix your broken office chair, read on below.

Fix These Office Chair Problems:

• How to fix sinking office chairs

The most likely cause for a sinking office chair is due to faulty or worn office chair gas lifts. Although high-quality office chair gas lifts do extend the period of use, it will still require repair or replacement at some point.

The most common reason for a gas lift to cause your office chair to sink is due to defective seals. More serious causes could be damage from incorrect use or a faulty or sub-par part.

While you might find some quick sinking office chair fixes online such as using a PVC pipe or using a hose clamp, these short-term fixes will likely create additional issues down the track. To fix a sinking office chair, you should invest in a new office chair gas lift and either install it yourself or have you local office chair retailed install it for you.

• How to fix squeaky office chairs

Squeaking from your office chair could be caused by a variety of reasons, so first you must diagnose where the issue is occurring to have your office chair repaired.

The most common component to cause squeaking in your office chair is either your chair mechanism or your chair gas lifts. To reduce and fix squeaking of your office chair, purchase some basic oil lubricant and apply it to the issue areas. You may also notice some squeaking in your office chair castors, which again, will just require some oil to be applied.

After you have applied the oil to the issue areas, move and work your office chair so the oil is spread over the component. Give it a few hours to rectify the issue.

• How to fix a broken office chair base

Have you cracked or broken your office chair base?

If you have noticed some cracking or broken struts in your office chair base, it’s time to replace it with a brand new base. Attempting to fix cracks or broken chair bases by other means, such as tape or brackets, can compromise the office chair and could cause serious harm if they fail.

If your office chair base is still in good condition however you’re having issues with movement, this is likely caused due to damaged or faulty office chair castor.

Flip your office chair over to inspect the castors. If you’ve noticed a build-up of grime, string, cotton, etc. attempt to remove the build-up by hand. Alternatively, you may need to replace a few of the wheels if they appear to not be fixable or you could also attached glides instead and turn it into an office chair without wheels.

• How to fix a wobbly office chair

Wobbly office chairs are sure to cause discomfort and become a nuisance the longer your leave them. Luckily, this can be fixed by inspecting your office chair mechanism and seat to see what’s causing the issue.

Fixing a wobbly chair may just require some tightening of your office chair mechanism to provide a firmer chair. Or, you may just need to tighten the bolts between the chair mechanism and the chair seat.

If you are unable to rectify the issue, you should speak to your local office chair manufacturer who will be able to inspect, diagnose and fix your wobbly office chair.

• How to fix a broken office chair arm

If the arms on your office chair are made from hard plastic and have broken or snapped off, you will need to purchase some new office chair arms.

If you are experiencing an issue with adjustable chair arms not working correctly, this could be something you could fix on your own. Inspect the adjustable arm mechanism for a build-up of grime or dirt and attempt to remove it. Then, apply some oil lubricant to the mechanism, move your office chair around to coat it, and retry the operation.

If this does not allow your adjustable chair arms to operate correctly, it might be time to purchase some new office chair arms.

• How to fix fabric on an office chair

Noticed wearing or rips in your office chair fabric?

If you are quite savvy with reupholstery, you could purchase some fabrics from your local retailer and attempt to reskin the office chair. Be sure to purchase high-quality and durable fabrics as your office chair is exposed to extended periods of use.

Alternatively, you can leave it to the professionals and have your local office chair retailer reupholster the office chair for you, using the highest grade chair fabric available. Most reputable retailers will also provide a selection of fabrics and colours to choose from.

After you fix or reupholster any issues with your chair fabrics, it’s important to maintain and routinely clean your office chair with premium fabric care products.

Sick of Issues and Ready for an Upgrade?

If you’ve been experiencing issue after issue with your chair, it may be time to upgrade to a professional, durable and high-quality office chair from Arteil. With a wide range of designs and fabric options, as well as executive leather chairs and bulk-ordering for schools, universities and businesses, Arteil is the leading choice for the highest-quality office chairs available.

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